Why Should I Tint My Car?

Protect Your Health

The majority of skin cancer occurs on the left side of the face in America. Filtering UV light and heat also helps protect your vehicle’s interior from fading and weathering prematurely, protecting your investment and keeping it looking fresh longer.


Adding a quality window tint to you vehicle is a quick and easy way to personalize it. The choice is yours. Get aggressive with the shade darkness for a more sporty appearance or select a lighter tint for a classic look. We even have clear ceramic tints that deliver awesome heat rejection without being noticed.


Adding privacy tint to your vehicle provides an added layer of security by concealing cargo and valuables when you’re parked. The darker glass makes it more difficult to see into your vehicle. Nothing’s worse than coming back to your vehicle to find that your window has been broken and you’ve been robbed. Adding tint to your vehicle also increases your privacy while in traffic and driving around town which can be comforting in situations where you don’t necessarily feel like being on display. Our films deliver on so many levels.

Interior Comfort

The materials we use provide the highest heat rejection available while retaining a classic smoke appearance. Window film helps control harsh glare by filtering specific portions of the light spectrum during both day and night.

Fixed price at $100 for all cars

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