The Full Detail Includes:

  • Interior VacuumedThoroughly vacuum every inch of your interior. No crack or crevice is overlooked.

  • Hand Wash & DryUsing the finest eco-friendly supplies - your vehicle will receive a hand wash like never before

  • Exterior Trim DressedWe use the non-greasy dressings to not only shine, but protect your exterior rubber, plastic, and trim

  • Wheel Protectant AppliedYour wheels need special attention of their own - protect the finish your wheels from brake dust and contaminants

  • Tire Conditioner AppliedOur tire dressing will condition your tires to prevent drying out, and leave your tires looking new

  • Premium Polymer WaxLong lasting protection with an amazing shine.

  • Deep Clean InteriorWe use special tools and techniques to clean every inch of your interior. No vent, button, crack or crevise goes untouched

  • Steam CleaningWe use a powerful jet of steam to assist in the cleaning and sanitizing process. Steam, as a natural sanitizer eliminates the need for a lot of chemicals.

  • Shampoo Interior CarpetsUsing a steam extractor - and special chemicals - we shampoo every inch of your interior carpets and floor mats

  • Seats are cleaned and ConditionedUsing a gentle steam process, we can lift dirt and debris from your leather seats, Followed up with a rich conditioner. Cloth seats are cleaned with steam and hot water extraction

Prices starting at $190 for 2-4 door sedans and $200 for anything larger.

Ultra Shine provides auto detailing services to Hartford, East Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor and surrounding areas. The price of our packages depends on the size of your vehicle. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or for more information at

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